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We turn pictures into money

PIXTERITY is building the first commercial photography platform
that balances the needs of photographers and publishers.


Our app automates back-office chores, like estimating, invoic­ing, copyright language, and pricing intelligence. You spend less time behind a desk and more time behind a camera.


We'll turn your photo assignments into stock sales. Put your work in the PIXTERITY cloud, and we do everything from archiving to licensing renewals.


All Pro All the Time. Buyers see only dynamically updated, pre­vetted work. No generic stock photography allowed! All Pictures are exclusive. You control the price.

"Our Platform turns commisioned photo assignments, into a dynamic new source of stock photography"

Photography leaped into the 21st century when digital imaging replaced film. But the business side of photography-especially for photographers-hasn't caught up with the creative side. PIXTERITY is building a modern and highly competitive alternative to Getty Images and Shutterstock. Our platform turns commissioned photo assign­ments, shot continuously by pre­vetted profes­sionals, into a dynamic new source of stock photography and a resource for commercial photo buyers with a world­wide market of $11 billion.
Legacy photo exchanges made a deliberate decision to server only buyers. PIXTERITY works best for buyers because we give photo­graphers what they want too.
Taking our cue from Priceline, eBay, Groupon, airbnb, Uber, and iTunes, they all have one thing in common: pricing innov­ation. They were all game chan­gers because they changed the way markets source, price, and pay for goods and services. That's what PIXTERITY does for B2B photography.

Who We Are

Tom Zimberoff

Co-Founder and CEO

Still a teenager when he shot his first photo assignment for Time magazine. Tom toured with the Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder, spent a day with John Lennon, and shot the first cover of People by the time he was 21. He's shot jobs as diverse as "The Most Eligible Women in America" for Esquire, an ad campaign for the US Navy, and two sitting American presidents for the covers of Time and Fortune. Tom also created the desktop version of Pixterity and literally wrote the book about the business of photo­graphy: Focus on Profit is used as a college textbook across the country.

Charles Haro

Co-Founder and CTO

Charlie was a key contributor to Life360, the first venture-backed Android app. Since 2011, it has been downloaded over 50 million times and is now the largest app for families. Charlie worked with the company as it raised over $25 million in VC funding.


We're looking for a Product Leader to join the team, someone who's managed and launched a software product or Web-based business. You could become a cofounder. If you have a passion for photography and a knack for building amazing products, call us!

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