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License & Invoice

We leave breadcrumbs, so you can follow the Virtual Paper Trail™. It guides you seamlessly through the creation of electronic documents from estimate to invoice. Consider it a licensing & billings GPS. It lets you and your clients interact online with critical information about every job you shoot. It tracks and displays your progress, even if you're juggling several assignments at the same time.

Deliver & Backup

The job is done. Your selects are invoiced and delivered to your client. On the way, they're automatically backed-up automatically off-site protection in case of theft, fire, or flood. All documents and data pertaining to each assignment you shoot, including its copyright license, are now permanently attached to each individual photo. And we'll remind you when the license expires.

Get Paid

You get paid the minute your client finishes downloading the assignment you just shot invoiced, and delivered. Payment is automatically and immediately wired into your bank account.

Here are some features we think you'll love

Copyright Composer™

Interact with your clients online to choose the publication right they need — priced acordingly; we compose the legalese. Terms are propagated throughout every document associated with a given photo shoot and become part of the record associated with each photograph.

Virtual Paper Trail™

The creation of electronic business documents is implemented automatically by turning estimates into contracts and, in turn, into job logs, then job change orders, expense reports, portfolio delivery memos, invoices, late invoices, collection letters, and so on, all the while linking the data between them and enabling you to navigate from one to the other in any order. And you can track every job you shoot.

Legal Docs On Demand

Commonly-used legal documents are created on demand, including model releases, assignment confirmations, equipment manifests, indemnification agreements, agent/rep agreements, etc.


Tracks how much profit you earn, cumulatively or job by job, line item by line item. You now know exactly how much money you actually on every job by margin percentage and to the penny.

Track Your Photos

See where your pictures are published and when their licenses expire. Track revenue generated for every image.

About Us

We're a team of developers who love photography. Being a photographer is hard work. You have to run a small business all by yourself and take pictures. We understan and we're here to help.

Our CEO, Tom Zimberoff, was a top photographer. He spent decades shooting high-profile assignments, including magazine covers that featuredeveryone from John Lennon to Steve Jobs. He photographed two sitting American presidents for the covers of TIME and Fortune plus numerous ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

But Tom's love of photography went beyond shooting. He wanted to help other photographers become successful too. So one day, Tom hung up his cameras to focus on a new mission: to help photographers thrive, not just survive, doing what they love. And with that, PhotoByte was born.

PhotoByte is a photographer's business in a box™. It removes the anxiety photographers encounter as artists who try hard to run a business. It streamlines the time-consuming process of creating document that protect your prerogatives as a creator if intellectual property and your profitability. With PhotoByte, you can bill clients, deliver assignments, and get paid, all in one place.